Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Margaux - Love Deep Flows - Acoustic Session 2 (Video)

Watch 'Love Deep Flows'

This video is the latest addition to my podcast in iTunes and also the first. I thought I would share the acoustic version of 'Love Deep Flows' with you whilst working away on my new album 'Margaux With An X'.

The acoustic version is slightly different from the album version, in particular the last section of the song, which hasn't got the change of key - and of course it hasn't got the whole instrumentation. I first wrote 'Love Deep Flows' shortly after moving to London, leaving Paris. I finished it a year later with co-writer GP15, which was to mark the beginning of our songwriting collaboration for my first album 'My Difference'.

'Love Deep Flows' was shot by the very talented video maker and TV presenter Damian Thomas; Make-up and hair by my favourite make-up artist, Beth Margetts.

Links : Damian Thomas - DFiremedia and Beth Margetts - Make-up artist

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