Friday, July 13, 2012


Margaux - The Vampires Club (dance/club album)

I think the vampire buzz, which is currently spreading like a virus in Hollywood, with movies such as Dark Shadows, Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter, Underworld and TV serials like True Blood, the Vampire Diaries etc... has definitely got to me ! Worse, I've been bitten !

As I really enjoy getting into characters, becoming a vampire seemed like a good idea, a kind of natural progression... and for this occasion by the way, I chose to be one of Dracula's brides ;-)

Well, here is my version of the vampire world and if you are into dance/club music, then my new album THE VAMPIRES CLUB is for you !

On the menu : fresh blood, strong beats with hypnotic bass lines and sultry vocals.

THE VAMPIRES CLUB is available on iTunes & CD BABY

Enjoy and feel free to join the club !  ;-)