Monday, April 28, 2014


With future space travel missions to Mars and constant discovery of new planets being prominent in the media, I found inspiration to write and record an atmospheric album called 'Destination Space'.

I am amazed at the number of people who are reported to have applied to be one of the first humans to travel to Mars within the next 10 years especially as it seems to be a one-way journey !

One of the missions is called 'The Mars One Project', which aims to establish a human colony on the red planet by 2025.

Each track on the album represents a different stage of the journey, which I will be posting on  my YouTube channel  in sequence. Please make sure you subscribe to join me on the journey !

The album DESTINATION SPACE is avaialble on iTunes

Album Tracklist :
1. Destination Space
2. Goodbye Planet Earth
3. 2025
4. The First Marsonauts
5. Mars To Stay
6. Red Colony
7. Emergency Return Only

~Bon voyage to all you budding Marsonauts ! ;-)
Margaux xx

Here is the first track of the album :