Saturday, July 01, 2006

Welcome Message

Hi and welcome !

I would like to use this blog as a platform to demonstrate that nowadays it is possible to achieve a lot quickly, professionally with very little financial means. I will explain how I am approaching the creative process and how I tackle the marketing and business aspects in the music industry. And all this for very little money using to my full advantage the internet, the new technology and several creative softwares.

Today, thanks to the internet, computers and mobile devices everything is possible. The technology evolves quickly and you always have to have your finger on the pulse. As a recording artist I have in the past been extremely frustrated as to the cost of putting an album together. Very expensive, indeed. Plus the fact that you need a whole 'army' of people to make things happen. It takes time, sweat and money.

Yes, it is possible to do everything (or most of it) yourself ! I will show you how !

Stay tuned for more news... in the meantime, feel free to visit