Monday, October 09, 2006

Margaux - Spooky End Chorus (Ringtone)

Listen to 'Spooky' - Ringtone (End Chorus)

With Halloween fast approaching, I thought I would give you a little treat by uploading several 'Spooky' ringtones to my podcast in iTunes, which you can download for free and add them to your mobile phone.

I have always been fascinated by the unexplained and although I am not a believer of the supernatural as such, I like to keep an open mind as to a possible 'other dimension'. Wouldn't it be great to explore the unknown and have certainties about it ? One place that has always kept my imagination active and stimulated is Corfe Castle in Dorset, UK. This beautiful, intriguing and evocative castle in ruin triggered the inspiration behind my song 'Spooky', which I co-wrote with GP15. We were like two little kids getting excited about ghosts and Halloween, which funny enough gets celebrated at the Castle each year on October, 31st.

For this particurlar song, I played the doublebass with the bow in the verses and pizzicato in the chorus. The sound effects you hear in the intro and outro are artificial harmonics, which I also performed on the doublebass. Aren't they spooky ?

Wishing you all a 'Happy Halloween' !

The full version of 'Spooky' can be found on the album 'My Difference'

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