Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Over the last few months, I have been head down working in my brand new recording studio getting up to scratch with the latest technology trends. I am pleased to say that I have now totally migrated to Ableton Live 9 as I was getting increasingly frustrated and annoyed with the constant upgrades and operating system changes with Apple products. I am still using my MacBook Pro but I have completely dropped Logic Pro and other Apple softwares.

Ableton Live 9 in particular works wonders for me and not only is the interface user friendly and the workflow comfortable, it also operates well on different platforms and operating systems (older ones as well as the latest one) !

All this to say that I am delighted with this new found software, which I  am now using for recordings, remixes and will also do so for live performances in the future !

SIESTE MAROCAINE marks the first in a series of club remixes recorded in Ableton Live 9 that I will be presenting over the next few months by uploading them onto my YouTube channel

I felt the need to revisit and revamp my older pop-rock and electro songs and give them a more contemporary sound and flavour.

I hope you like it ! Enjoy ! More to follow... In the meantime, you can preview SIESTE MAROCAINE on YouTube

Also available on iTunes 

Margaux xx